XO Module - for  use with K231 Stereo 3-Way Active Crossover
XO Module - for  use with K231 Stereo 3-Way Active Crossover

XO Module - for use with K231 Stereo 3-Way Active Crossover

$ 12.00

Crossover frequency configuration module, for use with the K231 Stereo 3-Way Active Crossover. The K231 comes standard with one or two of these XO Module pre-installed (for 2-way or 3-way operation). But some may want to experiment with different crossover frequencies. These extra modules will allow you to quickly and easily change the crossover frequency points on your K231.

We support the following Crossover frequencies. When ordering, please specify your desired crossover frequency in the 'Special Instructions' box on the shopping cart page:

    • Any multiple of 5Hz from 30Hz-100Hz (e.g. 30Hz, 35Hz, ... 100Hz)
    • Any multiple of 10Hz from 110Hz-200Hz (e.g. 110Hz, 120Hz, ... 200Hz)
    • 250Hz, 275H, 350Hz, 450Hz
    • Any multiple of 100Hz from 300Hz-4000Hz
    • Any multiple of 500Hz from 4500Hz-16KHz
XO Modules of any custom frequency not listed are available upon request - may incur additional cost and shipping delay in case we need to order the parts

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Joe Gugliotti
Subwoofer only- XO FOR K231

Simple to replace, Quiet and FAST!

Ronald Hale

It does what it is supposed to do. But does it very well. Very quiet. And I love the fact it is a true balanced design.




It works as advertised

Rick Spyder Castle Rock Studio Canada
Unbelievable upgrade

So I built a 3 way system
2 Monitor Audio Swq2 powered subs
2 Paradigm Monitors 5" and Tweeter
Aragon 4004 250 watts a side - mids
Bryston 2b - 80 watts a side - highs
Now working on room treatment
Bass traps and diffusion 160sqft
Holy crap I can blow away Pmc's
For a quarter the cost
The K231 is unreal in its sonic purity
One you know tkur crossover points
Rent an Ashley to experiment then watch out ...you can do this with any bookshelf and one or two subs ...
The transient response is stunning and you can tune it as you go along

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