About Us

Sublime Acoustic was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing high quality analog active bi-amping to the market at an affordable price.

Since we built our first crossover prototypes back in 2014 we've been 100% convinced of the massive benefits in sound clarity, definition, and warmth that can be gained with the use of analog active crossovers. Passive crossovers destroy the quality of your sound in many different ways. Active crossovers solve the problems of passive crossovers by moving the job of splitting the highs and lows to the low level signal domain before the amplifiers, where we can make use of much higher quality and higher precision components.

Professional recording studios and high end sound systems have employed active crossovers for decades. But the technology has yet to become prevalent in the consumer audio space, mainly due to the high cost of good analog active crossovers. Until the Sublime Acoustic K231, a good analog active crossover would set you back at least $3000. But there's no reason it needs to cost this much. So we at Sublime made it our mission to drive the cost down to a price point more affordable to the average audio enthusiast.

To reach the best possible sound quality, we use only the highest quality Burr-Brown op amps and audiophile grade discrete components such as metal film resistors, metalized poly capacitors and ALPS metal film potentiometers. We use ultra high precision 0.1% tolerance filter components, which is critical to preventing filter distortion and provides pinpoint accuracy of the crossover frequency, as well as nearly 0 degree phase shift of the high and low outputs.