Active Crossover

Enhance your home audio experience with the transformative K235 Analog Stereo Active Crossover, a masterpiece of sound engineering that tailors high, mid, and low frequencies for unparalleled clarity and warmth. By actively separating the sound spectrum and allocating individual amplifier channels to each speaker driver, the K235 eliminates intermodulation distortion found in passive crossovers, offering an exceptional level of audio fidelity. This is the essence of Active Bi-Amping or Tri-Amping, designed for the discerning audiophile.

The K235 is not just about high-end sound quality; it's about bringing the elite experience of analog active bi-amping into a price range that is accessible to more audio enthusiasts. Built with audiophile-grade components, the K235 matches or outperforms more expensive counterparts. From the Burr-Brown op-amps renowned for negligible distortion to precision Metalized Polypropylene Film capacitors, every aspect is optimized for your listening pleasure. With the versatility to support 2-way or 3-way operation and expansion to 4-way or 5-way systems, the K235 offers unprecedented control over your audio landscape.

Functionality meets flexibility with the K235's extensive features, including ultra-precise 0.1% filter components for exact crossover frequency selection, and the ability to Bi-amp, Tri-amp, or integrate a sub-woofer seamlessly. Moreover, the K235 boasts a range of XO Modules to tailor your soundstage precisely to your preferences. Whether it's the option of adding a mono sub-woofer channel, utilizing the sub-sonic high-pass filter, or making real-time adjustments to output gains, this crossover device puts the power of professional sound engineering in your hands.

Crafted in the USA, the K235 guarantees satisfaction with a hassle-free 45-day return policy. Its exceptional THD, IMD, SNR, and frequency response metrics ensure that your music, movies, and games sound pristine. The sleek aluminum enclosure, available with either a rack mount or standard faceplate, ensures the K235 will integrate seamlessly into your home audio setup. When you choose the K235, you're not just buying a piece of equipment; you're investing in an audio revolution.

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