K235 Pre-sales FAQ

K235 Pre-Sales Campaign Extended

We've had a unexpectedy large response to the roll-out of our new K235 analog active crossover. We've completed the production ramp and started first customer shipments on schedule. But due to the large demand, we're currently running about a 4 week backlog for new orders. So to compensate our new customers, we're extending the $300 pre-sales discount until at least May 1st. 


K235 Presales - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the K235 pre-sales campaign:


How can I preorder the K235?

Preorders for the K235 will open Friday, March 15 at 8PM EDT. If you go to the K235 product page at that time you should see the 'Add to Cart' button appear, and then you can go ahead and complete your purchase.


Will the K235 give improved sound over my K231?

 The K235 could make a marginal improvement in your sound quality over the K231:

  • It has slightly improved THD, THD+N, IMD, and channel crosstalk specs compared to the K231. But the K231 already has very low noise and distortion, so it's difficult to make very significant improvements.
  • There is about 4dB reduction in 60Hz hum and related harmonics over the K231, but K231 60Hz hum is already down around -115dB, so marginal improvement.
  • XLR connectors are superior to the K231's TRS jacks from a reliability and noise standpoint, so again it would make a marginal improvement.
  • The K235 17” or 19” rack-mount form factor is an improvement for many over the non-standard sized K231.
  • The K235 has a couple of new features/enhancements:
    • We added a sub-sonic filter for LP fans to reduce the impact of needle drops and wow/flutter.
    • The baffle step compensation mechanism was significantly enhanced by changing the K231's 3 baffle width selections to 16 selections to more precisely set the baffle width and more accurately compensate for the baffle step effect for a wider range of speakers.

So bottom line: K231 owners are probably best off sticking with their K231’s.


Is there an upgrade path for previous K231 buyers?

Yes. If you are a current K231 owner, and you choose to upgrade to the K235, we offer a trade-in discount based on how long ago you purchased your K231, up to 36 months:

  • 0 - 12 months $250 credit
  • 12 - 24 months $200 credit
  • 24 - 36 months $150 credit

Contact us at sales@sublimeacoustic.com if you’d like to participate and we will inform you the details and terms of the trade-in program. Trade-ins will occur and credits will be issued after you order and receive your K235.

This K231 trade-in policy will be available until the end of the pre-sales period, which should be around April 15, 2024.


When will K235 customer shipments begin?

We’re targeting first customer shipments on or around 4/15/2024.

Customer shipments will always be made in the same order that orders are placed.


Are there discounts for buying multiple K235 units?


  • Purchase 2 units get 5% automatic discount
  • 3 units gets 10% discount
  • 5 or more units gets 15% discount


How long will the $899 promotional price last:

The promo price will last until we begin customer shipments, on or around 4-15-24.


Are XO modules the same between the K231 and K235?

Yes, XO modules are interchangeable between K231 and K235